Nutritional range

MediHerb Nutritional Products Quality Assurance

Commitment to Quality

MediHerb’s renowned commitment to quality, safety and efficacy extends across the MediHerb range of nutritional products. First and foremost, the practitioner can be assured that our Quality Assurance Manager defines the requirements of laboratory testing required for each product and personally authorises the release for sale. Independent TGA certified laboratories that have expertise in nutritional assays conduct the analysis of the products. Should the products for some reason not meet our exacting quality standards, they are rejected just as the MediHerb herbal products are.


Safety in the Formulation

Safety is high on the agenda when it comes to our nutritional product formulations. Any ingredient that is considered for inclusion in a particular product must go through a thorough assessment of its safety and toxicology. From this perspective, we assess how much of this nutrient is found in the food supply, the appropriate forms and the amounts used in any scientific research on that ingredient. Strict standards are also predetermined to ensure only quality materials from reputable sources are used and that there is adequate data available on its stability.


Synergy and Efficacy

Every MediHerb nutritional product has been carefully formulated by Kerry Bone and our team of naturopaths and nutritional experts. Considerable research and development goes into each formulation, to ensure today's practitioners can be confident in meeting their patients' needs.


From our own experience, we fully understand the necessity for products that meet a genuine health need and work quickly to resolve it. To help achieve this, we take into account the patient - who may have an established nutrient deficiency or a diet that may be devoid in certain nutrients. We also look at the health conditions and diseases most prevalent today.


Our goal is to combine a synergistic blend of nutrients into a product that addresses a specific health issue, such as cardiovascular health, improved blood glucose control or enhanced joint health. Because we focus on the inclusion of synergistic nutrients, MediHerb nutritional products may not appear to have the highest levels of individual nutrients - but each product will contain all the right cofactors.


Herbs are included in MediHerb nutritional products, where we feel they may add further therapeutic benefit. These inclusions are the same quality as MediHerb herbal extracts used in our herbal products range and of course are at therapeutic dosages.


For all MediHerb nutritional products, the MediHerb mission is to provide safe, high quality, bioavailable nutritional products that will support modern health needs. This fundamental principle drives MediHerb to research extensively, then translate credible scientific evidence into nutritional products that work.


Your patients can have the utmost confidence that the product they are taking contains exactly what is on the label, utilises the best forms and combinations of nutrients to achieve the desired effect, and has the MediHerb quality guarantee.


MediHerb Nutritional Products - Enhancing Your Patients' Health

For over 25 years MediHerb has provided health care professionals with high quality herbal extracts and formulations backed by extensive research and world class education. MediHerb is the Trust Mark in Herbal Medicine.


To complement MediHerb’s herbal range and to provide you with enhanced clinical solutions, MediHerb developed an exciting nutritional range of products.


This nutritional range was inspired by you, our customers, who desired a range of nutritional products from the brand you trust. Developed by you, MediHerb nutritional products incorporate nutrients and where appropriate, therapeutic dosages of MediHerb quality herbs for optimal clinical results.


MediHerb’s renowned commitment to quality is applied to our entire range of nutritionals. This ensures that you receive a product that has undergone rigorous testing and consequently your patient receives a therapeutic solution.