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Local & Global Sourcing

At MediHerb, we only source and purchase quality raw materials with sustainable growers.

We are very fortunate in Australia and New Zealand to have healthy soils and a wonderful climate for herb growing, as a result MediHerb source products from local growers wherever possible. We continue to work with local growers to ensure this proportion is increased in coming years.

When we can’t meet our quality standards, we seek to source from all around the world. We select materials with precision, as we know climatic conditions, specific handling requirements and local knowledge matter in the end product.

CAPTION: Our farmers harvesting rosemary in Australia.

Sourcing best available and highest purity herbal raw materials from sustainable growers forms the foundation of our approach to quality at MediHerb. 

With healthy soils and temperate growing climates at our doorstep, we're able to partner with local Australian growers in sourcing medicinal plans where possible. When quality standards for specific herbs are best met elsewhere, we source from our trusted global suppliers, to ensure the optimal phytochemistry of the plant, grown under ideal geographical and climactic influences and local knowledgeable harvesting techniques. 


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