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Quantified Activity (QA)

The MediHerb Quantified Activity (QA) program aims to establish meaningful quality guidelines, for the manufacture of herbal extracts. It is a system for ensuring the production of consistent quality extracts with guaranteed minimum levels of active constituents. The quantified constituents are carefully selected based on the most up-to-date scientific knowledge available.

Once the constituents are selected and the quantified activity levels are set, the focus is to ensure the supply of consistent quality raw material and the retention of the constituents throughout the manufacturing process.

‘Quantified Activity’ vs. Standardisation

Standardised extracts have a specific measure of active constituents contained in that extract. Where clinical data supports the use of a standardised extract, MediHerb has adopted the standard and dosage approach for its tablet products.

Quantified Activity differs from standardisation in that if we receive a herb with a higher than minimum specification we don’t dilute the herb to meet that specification.