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Research & Innovation

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Our Research Commitment

The future of herbal use is important to us and we invest heavily in independent herbal research and partnerships to continue pioneering herbal products. 

MediHerb, has a strong commitment to discovery and development of herbal benefits and makes significant investments in research and development (R&D).

Our Herbal Research Objectives

At MediHerb, our research is committed to the development of efficacious herbal remedies. With three major areas of focus in research, we seek to further understand and provide scientific evidence in:

1. Formulation of efficacious herbal solutions to optimise patient care.

2. Validating the efficacy and synergy of herbal formulas by clinical trials and in vitro research.

3. Researching the phytochemistry of herbs.

MediHerb's R&D team works closely with herbalists, scientists and product development researchers. We continually strive to utilise the best of science, traditional knowledge and current clinical evidence to broaden our scientific understanding of herbal extracts and contribute to the ongoing development of efficacious herbal and nutritional solutions.

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