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Quality through GMP and GLP

At MediHerb® products are manufactured according to strict manufacturing and laboratory practices. Due to the complex constituents present in a herb’s biological matrix, adhering to these criteria is technically challenging, requires specialised expertise and reflects a total commitment to quality assurance.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP): The MediHerb® Manufacturing Facility 

In Australia, herbal and nutritional products are regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), a part of the Federal Government. The code of 'Good Manufacturing Practice' (GMP) required for TGA approval is a pharmaceutical quality assurance program that ensures:

  • Validated equipment and processes
  • Documented processes and systems
  • Detailed records of each stage of manufacturing of each and every batch of product
  • Control of the manufacturing environment (e.g. air and water filtration)
  • Control of manufacturing materials via quarantine, storage segregation and reconciliation
  • Stability testing 
  • Documentation of customer complaints

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) – The MediHerb® Laboratory 

MediHerb®’s quality control and research and development laboratories are legally required to comply with the Australian standards of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) under the Therapeutic Goods Act.

Meeting the requirements of GLP means strict adherence to criteria including:

  • Test method reliability for validation and control
  • Instrument calibration and maintenance programs
  • Reagent and standard quality control
  • Authorised materials and product specifications
  • Quality, transparency and authenticity of data

Our finished testing and monitoring practices continue beyond final product manufacture and distribution to guarantee quality and efficacy until product expiry.