Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability

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Sustainable Herbal Sourcing

Wherever possible we aim to source organically grown and wildcrafted herbs, and work with growers to help cultivate endangered species 

When it comes to endangered and threatened plants, MediHerb takes steps to avoid medicinal plants becoming classified as endangered species and has developed a system of identifying and classifying the 'threat' to particular herbs. 'Threatened' is not an official classification, it is determined by MediHerb based on information received from independent, reliable sources such as CITES, TRAFFIC and United Plant Savers. When a wildcrafted herb is classified as 'threatened' by MediHerb, steps are taken immediately to find alternatives to overcome or reduce the threat.

Commitment to Endangered and Threatened Herbs

  •  MediHerb® does not source herbs deemed as ‘threatened’ to a region or country from that location.
  • Cultivated herbal sources of ‘threatened’ herbs are used.
  •  Where no cultivated source is available, MediHerb® seeks to establish cultivation in conjunction with growers.
  • If the above is not possible, MediHerb® works with harvesters to optimise wild-crafting and establish protocols.
  • MediHerb® educates on sustainable alternatives to endangered herbs.
  • When an herb is listed in the CITES Appendix II and a cultivated source is not available, we cease to use that herb and delete the product from MediHerb®.

For further information on endangered medicinal plants visit: