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Local & Global Sourcing

Meet Our Growers

Through our 35 year history, MediHerb has built strong relationships with farmers globally. We actively support herb growing within Australia and New Zealand, while also sourcing herbs from areas that are suited to optimal growing conditions, including where the herb is traditionally grown, eg. Cat's Claw from Peru. 

We understand the importance of key factors in growing and preserving quality herbs and work closely with our farmers to provide support. Key factors include:

  • Varietal selection
  • Climatic and soil requirements
  • Time of harvest
  • Harvesting techniques
  • Drying parameters
  • Storage requirements post-drying
  • Providing feedback to growers on herb quality

By working with herb growers in this way, we have been able to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of issues affecting herb quality. 

Wherever possible we also aim to source organically grown and sustainably wildcrafted herbs, while also working with growers to help cultivate endangered species. We partner with upwards of 100 herb farms and wild harvesting suppliers to ensure a steady supply of high-quality herbal material.

For the latest information on relevant sourcing of our herbal ingredients please email